martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

We all get hurt by love...

So, this weekend was amazeballs!. I had so much fun and shared wonderful moments with friends.
From mexican food on Friday, to Saint Patrick´s on Saturday, when my gorge friend  Josefina and I decided to take some pics of me, she, Us, while listening to one of our fav. bands ever Hurts!.
We couldn´t stop laughing all the way and having so much fun, hope you enjoy them too!.

( Vestido Y Anillo Calaveras: Complot, Botinetas: Prüne By Conception, Cinto Elvis: Fitht Avenue, Gorro Marinero: Once, Pañuelo: Dts, Boxer: Kevingston, Anillo: TodoModa )

Fav 5!

They didn´t miss it!