domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Ta tá Olympics!.

The Olympics Closing Ceremony celebrated 50 years of British music - but it also gave a huge nod to British fashion, with Kate Moss leading a glamorous catwalk show of glittering gold. The top industry beauties dramatically emerged from behind giant posters of themselves.
Ms Moss was joined by Naomi Campbell, David Gandy, Carmen Campuzarno, Lily Cole, and Georgia Jagger, and the models donned stunning gold ensembles by Alexander McQueen.
My other favourite moment of the evening, The Spice Girls totally rocked the Olympics Closing Ceremony with their lively performance of Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life.
The girls writhed around atop blinged-out black London cabs, and pretty much pulled out a fun-filled, fashion-fab performance... which made me felt like a 7 year old girl again
Beady Eye, Fat Boy Slim, Pet Shop Boys, some Beatles songs, an some many others that made this night, one to remember.
And of course I want to congratulated to all those wonderfull athletes for their passion, talent, and all their achievements, especially to the Argentine athletes!.

Fav 5!

They didn´t miss it!